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Friday, April 5, 2013

Top 20 Earth Day Earth Image Crafts

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Every holiday has it's special colors. Halloween has black an orange, Christmas has green and red. And of course, the colors for Earth Day are green and blue. Earth image crafts are the most popular for Earth Day, but there are more to them than just paper plates. Here's a round up of top 20 Earth image crafts for Earth Day with a variety of different materials and techniques. Choose the best for you.

1. Earth Coffee Filter Hand Print Craft

2. Earth Day Paper Plate Craft

3. Earth Day Mobile Craft

4. Earth Day Cereal Box Globe Craft

5. Earth Day Cut Away Pinata Craft

6. Earth Day Play Dough Craft

7. Earth Day Tissue Craft

8. Earth Day Shaving Cream Craft

9. Earth Day Crayons Craft

10. Earth Day Cake Recipe

11. Earth Day Frosted Cookies Recipes

12. Earth Day Heart Cupcakes Recipe

13. Earth Day Sun Catcher Craft

14. Happy Earth Day Craft

15. Earth Day Rice Krispies Recipe

16. Earth Day Puffy Paint Craft

17. Earth Day Melted Crayon Craft

18. Earth Day Milk Jug Planter Craft

19. Earth Tree Bulletin Board Display Craft

20. Sun, Earth, Moon Model Craft

Search this site for even more great Earth Day Crafts

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