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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

22 Fun Recycled Plastic Bottle Crafts

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In honor of Earth Day, I've made a round-up of the 22 best crafts somehow using recycled plastic drink bottles, known as PET bottles here in Japan. These crafts are not limited to Earth Day and can easily be adapted to different seasons. Take a look, get ideas.

1. Recycled Bottle Elephant Craft
Plastic Elephant
2. St. Patrick's Day I Spy Bottle Craft
3. Corn Cob Bottle Lantern Craft
4. Cartesian Diver Bottle Craft
5. Air Cannon Bottle Craft
6. Pastic Bottle Fish Craft
7. Plastic Bottle Pinwheel Craft

8. Jellyfish in a Bottle Craft
9. Plastic Bottle Shaker Craft
10. Water Shaker Bottle Craft

11. Easy Sand Bottle Craft
12. Monsters Recycled Bottle Craft
Craftberry Bush

13. Rain Stick Sensory Bottle Craft

In Lieu of Preschool

14. Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder Craft
Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

15. Recycled Bottle Rocket Craft

16. Recycled Bottle Jet Pack Craft

17. Plastic Bottle Flower Stamp Craft

18. Ocean Bottle Craft

19. Plastic Bottle Beads Craft

20. Recycle Bottle Storage Containers

21. Plastic Bottle Ball Run Toy Craft

22. Earth Day Plastic Bottle Planter Craft

Search this site for even more great Earth Day and Recycled Craft ideas.

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