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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

16 Fun Science Experiment Crafts for Kids

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Make your kids crafts something more than just cut and paste activities. You can use crafts to teach kids important scientific concepts. Here's a round-up list of 16 fun to make science experiment crafts that teach kids such concepts as the Earth's structure, dinosaurs and fossils, buoyancy, propulsion, and biology. Have fun making great science craft lessons for your kids.

1. Recycled Paper Craft

2. Earth Day Cut Away Pinata Craft

3. Earth Day Play Dough Craft

4. Coffee Grounds Fossils Craft


5.  Dinosaur Eggs Sand Craft

Projects for Preschool

6. Cartesian Diver Bottle Craft
Cartesian Diver

7. Plastic Bottle Pinwheel Craft

8. Ecosystem Bottle Summer Science Craft

9. Earth Day Plastic Bottle Planter Craft

10. Ocean Bottle Craft

11. Cardboard Box Air Cannon Craft

12.  Plastic Bottle Air Cannon Toy Craft

Pet Bottle Air Cannon

13. Balloon Car Toy Craft

Fusen Car

14. Summer Ice Balloon Experiment

Preschool Crafts for Kids*

15. Pop Pop "Ponyo" Boat Craft
Pop Pop Pages

16. CD Balloon Hovercraft Toy


Search this site for even more great DIY toy craft ideas.

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