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Friday, August 16, 2013

Best 21 Hand Print Crafts for Kids

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Kids love Hand print crafts because their fun. Parents love hand print crafts because they're a record of their kids growth. It's true hand prints are one of the most versatile crafts. They can be turned into anything. Here's a round-up of 21 fun and creative hand print crafts you can do with your kids. Happy crafting.

1. Mother's Day Hand Print Flower Craft

2. Handprint Lily Flowers Craft
3. Mother and Baby Hand Print Clay Craft
Preschool Crafts for Kids*

4. "I Love You This Much" Hand Print Card Craft
A Day in My Life

5. Handprint Flower Mother's Day Craft

6. Handprint Fooprint Flower Craft

7. Big Hug Card Craft

Busy Bee Kids Crafts

8. Handprint "Daddy and Me" Craft

9. Handprint Footprint Flag Craft
Random Handprints

10. Summer Handprint Crab Craft
Ninja Diva

11. Handprint and Footprint Lobster Craft

Crafty Crafted

12.  Lamb Handprint Craft

13. Glitter Handprint Heart Craft

14. Pirate Handprint Craft

15. Handprint Spider Puppet Craft

16. HandPrint Mayflower Craft

17. Rainbow Hand Print Turkey

18. Handprint Owl Craft
Preschool Playbook

19. Handprint Santa Card Craft

20. Spring Butterfly Handprint Craft

21. Polar Bear Hand Print Craft

Search this site for even more great craft ideas.

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