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Friday, August 16, 2013

Best 12 Footprint Crafts for Preschool

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Footprints are one of the most versatile craft ideas. They can be turned into anything and often used together with hand prints. Here's a round-up of the best 12 footprint crafts for preschool kids. Parents love footprint crafts because they are a snapshot of their children at that age. Kids love them because they love to put paint on their feet! Your kids will have loads of fun with one of these simple and fun craft activities.

1. Handprint and Footprint Lobster Craft

Crafty Crafted

2. Easy Sand Footprint Craft For Kids

Preschool Crafts for Kids*

3. Footprint Unicorn Craft

Live Learn Love Eat

4. Easy Hand and Foot Print Craft

Preschool Crafts for Kids*

5. Daddy's Shoe Print Craft
fathers footsteps Fathers Day activity with your kids   Daddys Shoe Keepsake

6. Easy Reindeer Handprint, Footprint Craft

Little Giraffes

7. Footprint Ghost Craft

8. Handprint Footprint Flag Craft
Random Handprints

9. Footprint Rocket Craft

10. Footprint Heart Craft


11. Penguin Footprint Paint Craft

12. Footprint Stegosaurus Craft

Preschool Crafts for Kids*

Search this site for even more great hand print and footprint craft ideas.

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