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I do solemnly swear(because the FTC and affiliate partners require me to do so) that this site, Preschool Crafts for Kids* is an individual blog written, edited, and published by me, Jason Winter.


This site offers kids craft tutorials and ideas. My primary audience is parents, teachers, homeschoolers, and kids. If a craft tutorial is not my original, then it was submitted by someone else and that will be clearly stated with links to their website. Many posts are a craft picture with a short description and include a link at the bottom to the original website and tutorial. I also have lots of round-up lists, articles, and guest posts. If a post was not written by me it will be clearly stated.

By the way, I'm always looking for great content. if you want to send me a craft or article please visit my submit page. Thanks.

Ad Networks:

You can see advertisements on this site from ad networks like Google Adsense. These ads are automatically generated and change when you load the site. I have nothing to do with this, but I hope they are interesting to you. If you click on an ad, I get a small kick-back. Fee free to do this at anytime.


Some companies or websites pay me money directly for ad space in my sidebar. These ads are labeled as "Sponsors". I only choose companies or products that I believe would be of most interest to my readers and match the theme of this website. If you like my content, I'm sure you'll like my sponsors, please visit them.

If yo are interested in sponsorship opportunities on this site, please visit my Advertise Page. My rates are fair and sponsors get what they pay for. Won't you join us?


I also have affiliate ads on this site like Amazon or Pick your Plum. Make no mistake, people, if you click on an affiliate ad and go to their site, and if you make a purchase in the same visit, I get a commission. Bookmark my page and use my affiliates portals anytime yo plan to make a purchase. Please buy a car.

Sponsored Posts:

I publish some posts promoting specific websites or products. I am paid for these and are part of my sponsor agreements. Even though I am paid or these posts, I give my honest opinions about the companies and products. If I don't recommend them, I wouldn't allow them as sponsors in the first place.

If you have any questions about this site, please email me anytime:


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