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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Halloween Chalk Spider Web Craft

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This Halloween Chalk Spider Web Craft is fun and looks great.


  • black construction paper
  • pencil
  • white glue in bottles
  • chalk
  • plastic spider


  1. Have child put a dot in the center of the paper with a pencil
  2. Draw straight lines out from the center in all directions.
  3. Draw concentric circles from the center. Leave plenty of space between the circles.
  4. Trace the lines with white glue. It's easier if you keep the tip of the bottle on the paper. Allow to dry.
  5. Take chalk and rub over your web. Have children rub the chalk over the paper with their fingers. It helps the chalk stay on the paper and off the glue outline. It's fun, too.
  6. Glue a plastic spider on your web and hang up.
 Source: Art Projects for Kids
Pictures: The Homeschool Den


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