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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

15 Fun Preschool Math Crafts for Kids

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Here's a round-up of 15 fun crafts that are also useful math activities for preschool or even elementary school. Included here are ideas to reinforce math concepts sch as: numbers and counting, shapes, fractions, and matching combinations. Many of these crafts once made can be saved and brought out for practice play. These simple math craft activities help young children understand math concepts that will last a lifetime.

1. Chicks Ping Pong Ball Math Craft

2. Shapes Train Paper Craft

3. Craft Stick Magnet Shapes Craft

4. Number Beads Math Craft

5. Snowman with Hat and Scarf Craft

6.  Pot of Gold Math Craft

7. Paper Plate Clock Craft

8. Pumpkin Pie Paper Plate Math Craft

9. Sandpaper numbers craft

10. Bead Necklace Counting Craft

11. Paper Plate Counting Math Craft

12. Number Beads Math Craft

13. Easy Craft Stick Shapes Craft

14. Big Number Math Paper Craft

15. Colorful Pasta Counting Craft

Search this site for even more shape craft ideas,.

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