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Saturday, August 24, 2013

25 Great Preschool Bird Crafts for Kids

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Birds are a great craft idea any time of year. Here's a round-up of 25 great bird crafts for kids. Whether you're looking for turkeys, penguins, flamingos, ducks, owls, or bluebirds, you'll find something fun to do here. 

1. Flying Owl Paper Plate Craft

2.  Leaf Collage Turkey

3. Hummingbird Peanut Craft

4. Chick in Egg Craft

5. Duck Paper Plate Craft

6. Duck Paper Bag Craft
Holiday Kids Crafts

7. Ducks on Ice Craft

8. Funny Easter Duck Paper Roll Craft

9. Bird Magnet Craft

10. Valentine's Day Heart Flamingo Craft

11. Heart Penguin Craft

12. Penguin Footprint Paint Craft

13. Penguin Paper Plate Craft

14. Paper Bag Puppet Turkey
The Picky Apple

15. Rainbow Handprint Turkey
Mom Room Spot

16.  Paper Plate Face Turkey

17. Handprint Footprint Turkey

18. Thankful Turkey

19. Paper Bag Owl Craft

20.  Handprint Owl Craft
Preschool Playbook

21. Spring Bluebird Paper Plate Craft

Make and Do

22. Parrot Rocking Bird Paper Plate Craft

Cool Kids Craft Ideas

23. Spring Bird's Nest Paper Plate Craft


24. Spring Handprint Bird Craft


25. Standing Felt Easter Chick Craft

Search this site for even more great animal and bird crafts.

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