Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Polar Bear Arctic Animals Craft for Kids

This a great, simple craft you can do with your kindergarten/ preschool class about arctic animals, but the concept could be applied to any theme.

Materials- For each child, you will need:
  • 1 sheet of light blue construction paper
  • Arctic animal template cutouts (from "Arts and Crafts For All Seasons", or make your own)
  • White tempura paint
  • A toothbrush

1. Place bear, rabbit, and fox templates on light blue construction paper.
2. Dip toothbrush into the white paint and flicking your thumb, splatter the white paint all around the edge of the cutouts. (The paint shouldn’t be too thick or it won’t splatter. Dilute with a little water as necessary.)
3. Remove templates and allow to dry.

The end effect is really cool. The silhouettes give the impression of watching the animals walking through a snowstorm. You could try the same concept with dessert animals through a sandstorm. Let you imagination go wild.

This and hundreds of other simple and easy craft ideas are from the "Arts and Craft For All Seasons" series books for Preschool/Kindergarten and 1st through 3rd grade. The crafts are fun, simple, and easily adaptable. These books are a great resource and are a must have for any preschool-K or early elementary program.

1 comment:

  1. Can i use paintbrush instead of toothbrush? I really like this project


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