Saturday, September 24, 2011

Easy Butterfly Straw and Paper Craft and song

 This is a ridiculously easy butterfly craft that kids can use to dance with in the classroom.


  • butterfly cut-out from colored paper
  • drinking straw
  • tape

  1. Precut enough butterflies and prepare enough straws for each student.
  2. Tape the butterfly to the end of the straw.

Depending on age and abilities, your students could cut out the butterflies. This craft is meant to be used with a song that students can dance to and make their butterflies fly around the room.
Here are the words to the original Japanese song in English:

Butterfly, butterfly
flutter in the sunshine bright.
Little flowers bid you come.
Dance and sway and have some fun!
Cherry blossoms, pink and sweet.
Primroses your favorite seat!
Come and play! Come and play!
Frolic in the breeze all day!

I couldn't fnd an English video, but here's the song in Japanese so you know the music. Or simply substitute any butterfly song you like. Have fun.

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