Friday, September 23, 2011

Mother and Baby Hand Print Clay Craft

 I was astonished at how beautiful this craft was. This is a great project to do together with mothers. It serves equally well as a Mother's Day or Valentine's Day craft.


  • paper or molding clay
  • colorful marbles
  • colorful beads
  • shells
  • glue
  • ribbon


  1. Shape a large piece of clay into a heart shape. This one kind of looked like rabbit ears. Don't make it too thin, a little thicker is better.
  2. Don't forget to make two holes at the top to hang up.
  3. Mama presses her hand deep into the clay.
  4. Baby or toddler first presses her hand into pink paint and then presses into mommy's hand print.
  5. Decorate by putting liquid glue onto marbles, beads and shells and then pressing deep into the clay.
  6. Allow to dry and then tie up with a ribbon to display.
It kind of has a beach theme to it, too. In the picture, you can see there are several beads glued into the shell like pearls. Just beautiful.

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