Saturday, October 22, 2011

Colorful Pasta Counting Craft

This is a fun and easy craft that is also part of a math lesson.


  • various kinds of pasta(theme kids pasta is great)
  • various colored paints
  • piece of construction paper
  • marker
  • white glue
Beforehand paint different kinds of pasta in bright colors and let dry.
Draw circles each piece of construction paper.


  1. Review counting with the children until the target number(in this case 5). Each paper has 5 circles.
  2. Pass out a piece of paper with circles to each child.
  3. Show them the colorful pasta and place them on the table in shallow dishes.
  4. Have each child practice by taking 5 of each kind of pasta, counting as they do. Alternatively. if you pass out the prepared number of each pasta to the kids have them all count the pasta out loud to check.
  5. Have them glue the same kind of pasta into the circles counting as they do. Allow to dry.
  6. Display you math art.
The same activity can be done with other numbers or other cute, countable objects.


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