Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Snowman with Hat and Scarf Craft

This cute snowman has three different hats and scarves. Kids can play dress up and switch. Good for a unit about clothes. Older kids can try and discover how many combinations there are. (The answer is 9)


  • sheet of light blue construction paper
  • snowman cut outs
  • set of three different hats and scarves to cut out or pre-cut to save time
  • glue
  • scissors
  • tape


  1. Create snowman template and three hats and scarves
  2. Talk to the students about snowmen. Read a book or sing Frosty the Snowman. Talk about a snowman's clothes.
  3. Students can color and cut out hats and scarves or teacher does it beforehand. Or make them from colored construction paper. Put tape on the back to stick.
  4. Glue the snowman to the blue paper.
  5. Put tape on top of the head and neck of the snowman to act as a laminae.
  6. Kids mix and match the hats and scarves.


This craft can be used in many ways, to teach color matching, winter, clothes, and math. Make a laminated set to keep in the class for kids to use at play time.

Here's a template to use:

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