Friday, January 6, 2012

Spring Cherry Blossom Tree Craft

In Japan, it's traditional to have parties and watch the cherry blossoms fall. These are Ohanami parties. This is a very simple and cute craft to make your own Cherry tree. Great on a unit about Japan or the seasons.


  • 1 sheet of light blue construction paper(color of the sky)
  • pink tissue paper
  • black or brown yarn
  • white glue in squeeze bottles
  • scissors


  1. Take pink tissue paper and cut it into many small squares
  2. Draw a trunk and branches with the white glue.
  3. Put yarn over the glue outline. Cut smaller lengths for the branches.
  4. Crumple up the pink tissue squares into small balls and put on the tree. Dab glue and put more blossoms falling around the tree.
  5. If desired, draw details like sun, ground, people, etc.

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