Friday, May 4, 2012

Koi Nobori Carp Streamers Windsock Craft 2

In Japan, May 5th marks "Kodomo no Hi", Boys' Day or Childrens' Day. The traditional decoration are large carp streamer windsocks. Carp swim upstream and are considered strong and lucky. Parents want their children to be like carp.

Here's a small handheld  Carp Streamer version you can make yourself.

  •  large paper for decorating, or wrapping paper.
  • 4 inch wide wooden loop or ring cut from a toilet roll
  • scissors
  • glue
  • bamboo stick, dowel or chopstick
  • hole punch
  • string
  • tape

  2. Cut a piece of 13.5x18 inch paper to decorate or use wrapping paper.
  3. Decorate your paper to look like a carp and make big fish eyes.
  4. Roll your paper into a tube and wrap around and glue to the wooden loop.
  5. Flatten out the fish tube and cut along the bottom halfway from the end to make a fish shape as shown.
  6. Punch 4 holes around the top, just under the wooden loop.
  7. Tie 4 pieces of string to the carp, then tie together and tape to the top of the stick.
  8. Run and fly your carp streamer.
Source: Free Kids Crafts

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