Friday, June 22, 2012

Fall Pumpkin Sun Catcher Craft

This Halloween Pumpkin Sun Catcher Craft will look great hanging in the window during Halloween or anytime.


  • pumpkin template from site below
  • yellow and orange tissue paper
  • black construction paper
  • scissors
  • contact paper
  • pencil
  • yarn
  • glue


  1. Cut the tissue paper into 1 inch squares.
  2. Fold back the backing of the contact paper. Put on the tissue paper squares in a 8 inch circle. Leave no gaps.
  3. Fold over the backing and smooth out any bubbles.
  4. Print and cut out the pumpkin template. Trace and cut out 2 pumpkins from black paper.
  5. Lay the template over the contact paper you decorated and trace the pumpkin shape. Cut out the shape slightly smaller than the line.
  6. Glue the contact on top of one pumpkin.
  7. Loop the yarn and glue to the top of the contact paper sticking out the top.
  8. Glue and sandwich the other pumpkin on top.
  9. Hang up your pumpkin in a window.

Source: The Crafty Hostess

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