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Friday, August 10, 2012

Balloon Car Toy Craft

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Here's a fun balloon car toy craft from a Japanese site. Follow the link below for more pictures on how to make this craft.


  • corrugated cardboard or plastic cardboard(Pradhan)
  • scissors
  • 6 plastic bottle caps
  • small drill or other tool to poke or burn a hole into the bottle caps
  • 2 bamboo skewers or thin dowels
  • a balloon
  • plastic tubing or thick straw
  • tape
  • rubber bands


  1. Cut a rectangle a few inches long from the plastic cardboard.
  2. Drill or otherwise poke holes in the center of 4 plastic bottle caps for the wheels.
  3. Tape a rigid strip of plastic or a craft stick to the underside of the cardboard for reinforcement.
  4. Drill 4 small holes into another bottle cap and 4 matching holes in the cardboard. This is for the rubber bands to go through.(personally, I think this step is unnecessary. You could simply tape the tube to the cardboard.)
  5. Put 2 bamboo skewers through the holes in the cardboard for the axles and attach the wheels.
  6. Insert a piece of plastic tubing or straw into the balloon. Tape in place.
  7. Use rubber bands to attach the balloon to the bottle cap and the cap to the car.
  8. Blow up the balloon, set it down and watch the car go.

Fusen Car

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