Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fall Tree Toliet Paper Roll Craft

Here's a cute fall tree craft I made from a toilet paper roll. It's simple and fun. Great for any class.


  • toilet paper roll
  • green construction paper
  • tape
  • brown paint, brushes
  • plastic drinking straws
  • scissors
  • red, orange, and yellow tissue paper
  • glue
  • hole punch or sharp pencil

  1. Paint the toilet paper roll and straws brown. Allow to dry. You'll need at least 3 straws per tree.
  2. Take about 3 drinking straws and cut them in half or so.
  3. Punch holes near the top half of the toilet paper roll or use a sharp pencil.
  4. Tape the toilet paper roll trunk to a sheet of green paper for grass.
  5. Insert the straws into the holes for the branches.
  6. Cut the tissue paper into little squares. Crumple them up and glue all over the tree. Don't forget to glue some on the grass for fallen leaves.

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