Monday, December 31, 2012

Valentine's Day Heart Necklace Preschool Craft

Here's a great Valentine's Day craft idea. Use hearts and straws to make a beautiful necklace. It also makes a great gift for that special someone. It's a good preschool craft and helps develop fine motor skills through lacing.

My Delicious Ambiguity


  1. Hi just letting you know this fab idea was featured at Craft Chronicles and my kids loved it too

  2. What a wonderful site. I found you at Craft Chronicles. Like all your crafts but especially Japanese ones

  3. I love all your ideas but I am not able to pin anything. It all comes up blank and some pictures send me to the blog website to start my own blog. I want to follow but there's no connection for that either.

  4. Thank you for the message, Carrie. I'm very sorry, I tried to pin and I see what you mean. No picture. Maybe something has changed at pintrest and I have to update my button. I'll try to get to it when I can. If you have a pintrest button on your toolbar, use that. I'm sorry about the inconvenience.


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