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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Best 21 Recycled Crafts for Kids

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Earth Day is all about respecting the Earth and recycling, so I wanted to celebrate with the top 21 list of recycled crafts for kids. Reuse milk cartons, plastic bottles, toilet rolls and lots of other things into cool crafts. These not only teach about the meaning of Earth Day, but also teach resourcefulness and creativity. Have a blast!

1. Recycled Milk Jug Game Craft
2. Recycled  Box Robot Craft
3. Recycled Paper Beads Craft
4. Recycled Drink Bottle Elephant Craft
5. Recycled Painted Keyboard Craft
6. Recycled Milk Carton Truck Craft
7. Recycled Magazine Bowl Craft
8. Recycled Toilet Roll Tree Craft
9. Recycled Paper Craft Project
10. Recycled Earth Crayons Craft
11. Recycled Toilet Roll Bird Feeder Craft
12. Recycled Egg Carton Caterpillar Craft
13. Recycled Drink Bottle Pinwheel Craft
14. Recycled Book Pumpkin Craft

15. Recycled Can Animals Craft
16. Recycled Tissue Box Monster Craft
17. Recycled Book Pages Wreath
18. Recycled Toilet Roll Flowers Craft
19. Recycled Plastic Bottle Rocket Craft
20. Recycled Milk Jug Earth Day Planter Craft
21. Mister Recycled Can Head Man Craft
Search this site for even more great recycled and Earth Day crafts.

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