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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Easy Snowman Paper Bag Craft

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Here's a cute, simple snowman craft you can make from a paper lunch bag.


  • brown paper lunch bag
  • newspaper
  • eyes, buttons, and hat cut from black construction paper
  • triangle carrot nose cut from orange paper
  • 2 craft sticks for arms
  • 2 small red paper mittens
  • white paint and brushes
  • tape
  • scissors


  1. Cut out all the face pieces beforehand. For the hat, cut out on the fold, so you have two shapes connected in the middle like a tent.
  2. Take a brown paper lunch bag and stuff it with newspaper scraps. Tape the end closed.
  3. Paint the whole bag white.
  4. Stick on eyes, buttons, and nose.
  5. Tape the hat to the top.
  6. Tape the mittens on the end of craft sticks. Cut two small holes in the sides of the snowman and stick in the arms. After dry, secure with tape.
  7. Display your little paper bag snowmen.


You could give your paper bag snowman a red Santa hat instead. You could also tie a ribbon around for a scarf.

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  1. I love your ideas! Linking this one up to a Sunday Snowmen Post.


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