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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mother's Day Recipe Pocket Holder Craft

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This is a unique and useful Mother's Day recipe  holder craft mom is sure to love. It's made almost entirely of tongue depressors or craft sticks(Popsicle sticks). You can use colored craft sticks for this craft or plain and then paint everything at the end.


  • Lots of tongue depressors or craft sticks(Popsicle sticks)
  • glue
  • string or ribbon
  • paint
  • decorating materials
  • marker
  • tape

  1. Line up about 8 craft sticks in a row and generously glue on 2 more craft sticks on the ends to secure.
  2. Stack and glue about 6 or 7 more craft sticks on the ends to create the pocket to hold the recipe index cards.
  3. From the bottom, glue on about 4 or 5 craft sticks in a row to make the front. Allow everything to dry.
  4. Decorate and/or paint your recipe pocket holder as you like. You could glue on a couple craft sticks on the front and write a message, "Mom's Recipes". You could add flowers with foam shapes, buttons, string, pipe cleaners, sequins, etc. Allow to dry.
  5. On the back, glue on a ribbon, string or craft sticks to create the hanger. Secure with tape to be sure.

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