Sunday, May 6, 2012

Halloween Q-tip Skeleton Craft

These are really cute Halloween Q-tip skeletons. A great Halloween craft the kids will have loads of fun making.

  • Q-tips (about 20-30)
  • white glue
  • white paper or skull from a coloring page
  • ribbon(optional)
  • scissors
  • black construction paper


  1. Prepare your Q-tip bones beforehand. Bend in half for arms and legs. Bend down the corners for the hips, cut off the ends for toes and fingers.
  2. Pipe glue down the middle of the black paper. Start with the spine and glue on your pieces one by one to build your skeleton.
  3. Find a skeleton head from a coloring page or cut out a simple one from white paper. Add black lines for teeth and eyes.
  4. If desired cut and paste a ribbon to make a boy or girl skeleton.

Source: Stuff by Ash


  1. I think this is a fun idea to do with my little ones for Halloween.

    I've included it in my 15 Halloween Kids Craft Round-Up. You can find the post here:

    Anna @ Bean Bug Crafts

  2. Hi!!! I know it's been a while since you posted this craft, but I just wanted to tell you I included it in my favorite Halloween crafts post because I just love it!
    Thanks a million for sharing ❤ I'm really grateful!

    Hugs from Spain ♫

  3. Muchas Gracias Mi Amigo,
    Thanks so much for the share Remei
    Hasta Luego


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