Friday, August 3, 2012

Glue Cling Sticker Craft

This is a fun glue cling sticker craft my girls did from a Japanese craft book. All you need is clear liquid glue, a slick surface like a clear plastic folder, and decorating materials. These stickers will cling to any glass surface jut like the clings you have on your car window. Simply dab a small pool of glue on a plastic folder and then decorate the top. Decorating materials include, crayon shavings, paint, glitter, small stickers, beads, fabric, thread, or even leaves. You can also draw a face on the folder with a marker and pour the glue on top. Allow to dry and peel off  from the plastic folder.The face will come off with the glue. Simple and fun. Stick them on windows or bottles. Make a bunch and trade with your friends.

1 comment:

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