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Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Ice Balloon Experiment

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This is a simple summer activity you can do at home or with a class. For older kids, it helps them understand that water has different phases or forms. For younger kids, it's just cool summer fun.


  • balloons
  • water
  • small beads or toys
  • a freezer
  • scissors

  1. Drop a few colorful beads(beach animal shaped ones are good) or small toys into a balloon.
  2. Fill the balloon with water and put in the freezer overnight. (You could also used colored water)
  3. Cut the balloon and take out the ice ball. The students can see something inside.
  4. Let them play with it on a tray or put in the wadding pool.
  5. As the the ice melts, the beads come out.
  6. You could give them as party favors and let kids take home the toys inside.

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