Monday, August 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Turkey Cupcakes Recipe


This cute Thanksgiving turkey cupcake recipe idea came from a Japanese website of someone living in America.


  • 1 big cupcake(this one's pumpkin)
  • 1 small cupcake
  • 1 cookie(this one's gingerbread)
  • icing
  • candy corn
  • sprinkles
  • M&M's or marble chocolates
  • marshmallow


  1. Decorate the small cupcake with chocolate frosting for the head. Use a little white frosting with a M&M in the middle for the eyes. Use a candy corn for the beak. I'm not sure what they used here for the waddle, maybe a piece of fruit leather. Please experiment.
  2. Use icing to adhere candy corn on the cookie in a fan shape for the tail feathers.
  3. Decorate the big cupcake with light brown frosting and sprinkles around the edge.
  4. Cut a marshmallow in half at an angle to create a wedge and prop up the cookie tail feathers as shown above.
  5. Place the small cupcake head in front of the cookie.
  6. Ta da! Turkey cupcakes, Gobble gobble.


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