Thursday, April 3, 2014

6 Great Mother's Day Candle Crafts for Kids

Mom is the light of your life, so make a craft gift for her that puts some light in hers. Here's a round-up List of 6 great candle and candle holder crafts for Mother's Day. Make Mother's Day a bright one for her.

1. Mother's Day Votive Candles Crafta
Inner Child Fun

2. Mother's Day Tissue Candle Jar Craft

Family Holiday

3. Mother's Day Candle Craft

Come Together Kids

4. Mother's Day Candle Holder Craft

5. Personalized Mother's Day Candle Holders

6. Mother's Day Egg Candle Craft

1 comment:

  1. Very good idea, when I was a child, I used a plastic bottle to make a vase. I took a bunch of wild flowers and put it in my birthday gift for my mother.


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