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Monday, December 29, 2014

Toilet Roll Corn on the Cob Craft

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I wanted to try something different with bubble rap instead of just painting. I used a toilet paper roll and some tissue paper and made a corn on the cob.


  • toilet paper roll
  • bubble wrap
  • yellow tissue paper
  • glue, water, brush
  • scissors
  • green paper
  • stapler


  1. A toilet paper roll is about 4.25 inches long and 4.7 inches around. The easiest way to measure is to cut one lengthwise and unroll flat. Measure and cut a piece of bubble wrap about 5 inches wide and 10 inches long. This will wrap around a toilet roll tube with more sticking out at on end. 
  2. Spread glue all over the toilet roll and wrap with the bubble wrap so the bubbles are out. 
  3. Brush on some watered down glue and roll a sheet of yellow tissue paper around the roll. Cut off any excess.
  4. Measure a length of green paper wide enough to wrap around the roll and slightly taller than your corn.
  5. Fold in three sections and cut tall leaf shapes for the husk.
  6. Wrap and glue or better yet, staple the bottom part of the husk around your corn.
  7. Peal down the leaves. Don't worry if the crinkle or tear. It looks better that way.

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