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Sunday, August 4, 2013

11 Great Native American Crafts for Kids

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Native American cultures are a rich part of America's history and are the inspiration for numerous kids crafts and preschool activities. Here's a selection of 11 fun and easy Native American related crafts for your kids. 

1. Indian Headband Craft

2. Indian Corn Button Craft

3. Indian Corn Toilet Roll Craft

4. Indian Corn Treat bags Craft

5. Native American Tipi (Teepee) Craft

6. Native American Rattle Craft

7. Native American Kachina Mask Craft

8. Native American Totem Pole Paper Craft

9. Native American Whale Collage Craft

10. Native American Shaker Craft

11. Rain Stick Music Craft

Search this site for even more Native American or rain stick and/or music craft ideas.

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