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Monday, July 29, 2013

18 Fun Preschool Space Crafts for Kids

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Boldly go where no one has gone before with these space theme crafts for kids. These out of this world ideas will fire up your kids imaginations and get them thinking and talking about space. You'll find a variety of ideas from U.F.O.s and spaceships to telescopes and science crafts. These crafty ideas are appropriate for preschool to elementary kids. Inspire your future space explorers today.

1. Sun Fingerpainting Space Craft
Mrs. Karen's Preschool Ideas

2. Sun, Earth, Moon Model Craft

3. Recycled Space Rocket Craft

4. Cardboard Roll Telescope Craft

5. Spaceship Porthole Paper Plate Craft

6. Paper Plate Flying Saucer U.F.O. Space Craft
Arts for Life

7. Planetarium Star Craft

8. Alien Party Mask Craft

9. Cup Rocket Launcher Toy Craft

10. Moon with Craters Craft

11. Moon Paper Craft

12. Moon Rocks Space Craft

14. Name Rocket Space Craft
Mrs. Karen's Preschool Ideas

15. Easy Toilet Paper Roll Rocket Craft

16. Recycled Bottle Jet Pack Craft

17. Footprint Rocket Craft

18. Easy Creative Constellations Star Craft

Search this site for even more science or summer related craft ideas.

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