Sunday, November 27, 2011

Easy Creative Constellations Star Craft

 If your learning about stars or constellations, this is a simple craft that brings out student imagination and creativity.


  • piece of black or blue construction paper
  • star stickers
  • chalk
  • imagination


  1. Teach about the constellations and show some examples. It's kind of like connect the dots with stars.
  2. As an example, draw about 8 or 10 stars on the board at random. Ask the kids what they think it looks like and connect the dots.
  3. Give each child a piece of paper and some star stickers. Have students stick them on anywhere they want.
  4. Use chalk to connect the dots.
  5. They can give a name to their original constellations and show the class.

This was a cool activity. I drew these same dots on the board and asked the kids what it was. They almost unanimously yelled out "Turtle!" and told me how to connect the dots.

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