Saturday, June 7, 2014

15 Easy Father's Day Preschool Crafts

Want something simple to make for Daddy this year? Here's a round-up of 15 easy preschool Father's Day crafts. Chose the best one for your kids.

1. Father's Day Trophy Cup Craft

2. Easy Father's Day Painting Craft

3. Father's Day Big Hug Card Craft

4.  Easy Father's Day Dog Paper Craft

5. Father's Day Daddy's Shoe Print Craft
fathers footsteps Fathers Day activity with your kids   Daddys Shoe Keepsake

6. Father's Day Toolbox Card

7. Father's Day Shirt Card Preschool Craft

8. Easy "PAPA" Father's Day Card Craft

9. Easy Father's Day Paper Plate Saw Craft
Fathers Day craft

10. Father's Day Paper Plate Tie Preschool Craft
Paper plate Fathers Day craft preschool

11. Easy Father's Day Treat Cup Ship Craft

12. Father's Day Hand Print Fish Card Craft
I'm Hoooked On Daddy

13. Father's Day Candy Letter Craft

14. Easy Paper Tie Father's Day Craft
Father's Day Craft - Personalised Necktie

15. Easy Father's Day m&m's Treat Tie Craft

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